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My head & Heart


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This page is devoted to my head and heart, And the conversations and arguments they have as a result of my meetings with people.
And Also my way of seeing things as I travel the world as a bum/musician and travel England as a bum/musician/any work i can get realy.
P.S If you spot any spelling mistakes please get a life.   

Somebody once told me that they planted labila (those big purple flowers ye know) in their garden in order to attract butterflies.
My heart said:
Thats sweet and kind.
My head said:
your not getting any butterflies because all the fucking catapllers are dead dew to the over use of insecticide you supid bastard.
How many butterflies have you seen latley?

I went to Glasonbury music festival this year and as I walked past the pyramid stage:
My heart said:
Its beautiful to see all of these happy people in one place in peace i loved it.
My head said:
Why are there lots of people with patriotic flags in the crowd.
As the days went on the flags and people seemed to get closer together. Yes you guessed it they were paid flag wavers for the TV I guess. Bollocks huh. 

Hey did you see the coca cola world cup commercial with leggsy the thee legged

Football player pulled from poverty to stardom.

Heart said:

Cool music.

Head said:

No wonder hes got thee legs the poor little bastard, hes probably been drinking and eating crap all his life.

Brought to him by those wankers at Monsanto.